• Register your site with all search engines that accept registrations.
  • Place appropriate keywords in web page to maximize "Web Bots" and "Spider" listings.
  • Maximize your sites Meta Tags Register your website with any "site rings", or sources for similar type specific referral web pages.
  • Create a banner you can use to advertise on other web sites.
  • Dedicated web hosting in a protected Data Center with full backup and fail-over capabilities.
  • Expandable Bandwidth and email capabilities
  • Professional web design and timely content management allows you to run your business, not worry about learning web page design.
  • Professional imaging and photography services available. Logo design available.
  • Register your company name as a Domain or "Dot Com" if it is available. Find best match for your company if the "Dot Com" is not available.
  • Setup email with your company's newly registered "Dot Com" extension. Setup auto replies, forwarders, or filters if needed for email.
  • Create FTP accounts to allow customer to update site (if needed).
  • Ensure proper InterNIC registration, and setup reminders for domain name renewals. This keeps someone else from stealing your domain name due to a missed renewal payment.
  • Having your own email is not only more professional looking, it is safer for your business since you avoid the pitfalls of Yahoo, and AOL email addresses.
  • Site design catered towards maximum usability and minimum load times (keep images within reason to allow fast page load times, and maximize the availability to those using dial up connections or handheld devices.)
  • All sites are hosted on fast, top of the line Linux servers housed in a professional Data Center. They are fully backed up, and have uninterruptible power backups. The Linux operating system does not suffer from viruses like windows does, and it is much more stable.


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